Product Care Information



Keep your Calfskin product beautiful and vibrant as time passes, by following these simple guidelines for its care:

(A) Despite its highest-grade quality leather, we recommend you avoid rubbing your product against abrasive surfaces, avoid direct contact with any material or fabric that may transfer pigments to the leather (newspaper, magazines, dyed fabrics etc.). Protect your product from excessive humidity and keep away from heat sources and your product will serve you well.

(B) Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Use your skin as a caliper, if you can’t handle it, your product wont either! Prolonged sunlight contact will not only damage the leather but will also cause discoloration.

(C) Although the leather will hold against a splashes of water, avoid direct contact with water. In the case that your product is exposed to water or dirt, gently dab the product with an untreated, undyed cloth. Ensure that no products that contain soap or chemical solvent is used for cleaning.

(D) When your Cuvierr product is not in use keep in a cool enclosed compartment or just back in its home (box). Take care of your Cuvierr product and it will serve you for many years while you enjoy it’s robust appearance.

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