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Cookies are small collective bits of information sent to your device once a website is visited, their main application is to store and sometimes collect data about the usage of the website. Cùvierr uses cookies with the sole purpose of elevating the overall user experience as well as the quality of our service and website. Once our website is entered our web server will transmit a cookie to your device which would enable us to recognize your device. By correlating the unique identification numbers in the cookies with other customer information, in such case when you log-in to the website, we will be able to identify that the cookie information relates to you as a Cùvierr member.
Local storage is a system that enables a site or any application to recover or store data on your preferred device. We employ local storage to allow certain features, in addition to storing certain components of our website on your utilized device so that those pages upload at a faster rate the next time the website is visited. The use of local storage may be adjusted or controlled through your browser settings.
By continuing beyond this current page you accept and consent to the implementation of our cookie and local storage settings and that you acknowledge this Policy which describes how the cookie and local storage choices and preferences could be managed. It must be noted that choosing to restrict cookies and/or local storage applications will impact your overall user experience and could prevent you from using or accessing certain parts or features of our website.


To enable you to fully exploit the essential features of our website such as the storage of your selected products in your shopping cart while you continue browsing other products on the website and accessing secure pages. If you decide to disable these cookies, you will be limited to only browsing the website rather than shopping.
Gather information related to your use of our website, to tailor the pages to your personal preference and elevate the overall quality of our website and service. This information is used by us to:
(a) Compile statistics on how the website is utilized;
(b) Assist in enhancing the website by tracking the errors occurring at any time during your browsing experience; and
(c) Monitor the effectiveness of our advertisements by recognizing where you click and the website you arrive from.
(d) Enable you to experience improved website functions and access supplementary services or to remember your details if you have previously entered and used the website and recall your preferences in order to further elevate the following visits. Through cookies, we are able to restore the items left in your shopping cart if you wish to make the purchase on a subsequent visit. The information gathered by these cookies may be shared with affiliates in order to integrate their services on our website. The data shared is provided with the sole purpose of providing service, product, or function and is not under any circumstance to be used for any other purpose without your consent.
(e) Supply you a unique browsing experience tailored to your preferences by providing interest-based services through our website and on other websites as well. In some cases these tailored browsing experiences will be linked to services supplied by third parties, there they will identify that a user or potential customer has entered the website. Such information will be channeled and processed to notify you of any Cùvierr products and services which may be of interest to you. These cookies may be linked to social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook or offer data to advertising agencies or freelancers of your visit in order to present you with adverts for Cùvierr products and services that may be of interest to you.


The cookies used by us on our website are either served by us or by affiliate third parties who are employed on our behalf to deliver services. Cùvierr seeks to make it as simple and as clear as possible to apprehend the type of cookies stored, and why as well as enable you to control which cookies and/or local storage you wish to allow.


To manage all cookies you can click on the link here to find more information about how to alter your web browser setting.


It must be noted however if you choose to block or delete cookies and/or local storage utilized on our website you are restricting your ability to take full advantage of our website. The Cùvierr Privacy Policy may provide you with more details about the way we utilize customer personal information, nonetheless not all details collected through cookies will reveal your identity.
We always seek continual development of enhancing methods of managing your cookie settings. As technology evolves and new solutions emerge, the Cùvierr cookie policy may be updated in order to implement any such advances in preference management and technology tools.


These cookies will enable you to use the essential features of the website. If these cookies were not used, users will be unable to shop on the website, as only browsing could be done. We use such cookies for the following features and in compliance with the GDPR Article 6;
(a) Tracking what is added to your shopping cart
(b) Remembering returning customers to the website
(c) Enables access to secure areas of the website, such as payment
(d) Allowing access to various pages of the website during your browsing session
(e) Enables us to recall what is placed in your shopping cart in the case that you wish to revisit at a different time.
(f) Offers users of the website an improved functionality by enabling access to supplementary services
(g) Recalling your preferred language that the website is displayed in.
(h) Allows us to remember what form information you have provided if you proceed forward or return back when logging in or checking out


Generally, analytical cookies gather information related to the individual’s use of the website. This is used to further enhance the user’s overall experience and elevate the quality of our website and service. For the sole purpose of data analysis, service optimization, and economic operation of product sales in compliance with EU GDPR Article 6 paragraph 1, Google Analytics, a Google LLC web analysis service. The information gathered and processed by these cookies regarding the use of the online offer by customers is usually transferred to a Google server in the United States of America and is stored there.
Google is cooperation certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and hence assures compliance with the European data protection law. All information gathered is completely anonymized and Cùvierr will not provide this information to any third party. Analytical cookies allow us to;
(a) Provide analytical data related to the use of the website, such as visitor flux and browser usage.
(b) Observe the effectiveness of adverts put out by us, through the identification of the locations click on the website and the website the user arrived from.
(c) Assist us in elevating the website by calculating the errors which appear during your browsing experience.
(d) Provide feedback to our affiliate third party partners that one of the Cùvierr customers has also visited their website.


Marking cookies enable us to provide you a unique customized browsing experience by offering personalized interest-based features on our website and on other websites that are visited. For the sole purpose of data analysis, service optimization, and economic operation of product sales in compliance with EU GDPR, HotJar application, and Facebook pixel, of the social media network Facebook, is used within our online offer.
Facebook is cooperation certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and hence assures compliance with the European data protection law. Marketing cookies such as Facebook pixel is mainly used for advertising purposes and would allow Cùvierr to:
(a) Update you on Cùvierr new or exclusive products and services that may be of interest to you
(b) Connect to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook
(c) Supply advertising agencies information related to your visit to the Cùvierr website, in order to present to you adverts for Cùvierr products and services that may be of interest to you.

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