At CUVIERR we respect and admire every single flair and personality. We believe that ART is one of the strongest component of our DNA that enhances and expresses our true nature and core values. By combining particular styles and charms with the supremacy of art creation, CUVIERR prides itself with designing and crafting timeless leather Fragments. Limitless and relentless combinations were matched in order to bring you the perfect products – alongside an unbreakable promise that – Our fragments were made with no compromise, wrapping brilliance and pure rooted passion.


Driven by passion, enhanced by fortitude, and nurtured by innovation, CUVIERR is focusing on becoming one of the most esteemed leather accessories company in the world. Being projected in London, by its three founders, CUVIERR rose by the unification of two different continents, encasing three spectacular visions, believing in one single passion, which reassembles the foundation and development of a solid, memorable and unique endeavour.


Each single item is the result of a complex process that was accomplished by respecting long-standing handcrafted techniques and practices that creates unique accessories, presenting customers the highest of quality. Were our partnership with a world renowned tannery ensures that only the highest quality of genuine first grade calfskin is used. Through our partnership with the French tannery we have worked closely with leather specialist to developed our own custom CÙVIERR leather and unique leather pattern not to be found anywhere in the world.


With a real privilege for authentic quality first great leathers, CUVIERR envisions the future, reintroducing quality back into the industry. Encasing elegant and innovative designs, high level of details and functionality, CUVIERR prides itself with luxury, providing customers with unprecedented leather accessories conserving highest quality Italian Leather and Supreme Craftsmanship.


Our mission here at CÙVIERR is provide our customers the most personal and unique piece accessory. In order to achieve that we have acquired the best hands specialized in leather cutting and stitching. At our workshop in the historically rich city of Constanta along the coastal Black Sea, our craftsmen carefully hand cut every component and hand stitch every thread resulting in one of a kind artwork every single time.

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